Training Academy

Columbia’s Premier Sports Training and Recreational Facility

Preparing Today’s Children to Be Tomorrow’s Athletes

At the Re-Creation Arena, we are dedicated to providing Columbia’s youth with access to high-quality sports training that can help them become the top athletes of the future. With state-of-the-art equipment, world-class instructors, and a commitment to instilling in children self-control and the desire for constant self-improvement, we believe we can set our children up to be successful athletes and human beings. At our center, you’ll find a wide range of sports-oriented activities, camps, and opportunities for kids and teens of all age groups from all backgrounds that can help them grow and develop into high-level professional competitors.

One-on-One/Group Training Sessions for All Sports

Whether your child is ready to join a group training session for their favorite sport, or is in need of some one-on-one time with a professional sports instructor to help them hone their skills, we offer it all at the Re-Creation Arena. You’ll find one-on-one and group training sessions for all of our sports including: football, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf, and tennis.

Speed and Agility Training

To be a high-level competitor in today’s sports, speed and agility training is a must. At the Re-Creation Arena, our speed and agility training will help your child move more quickly and easily by focusing on drills and exercises to improve their stride length, frequency, and ability to apply force into the ground and absorb it.

Weight Training

At the Re-Creation Arena, we offer weight training sessions specifically designed around your child’s age, size, and abilities. Strength training can help children build endurance and protect their muscles and joints from sports-related injuries. Learning from professional sports instructors also helps your child develop proper techniques that they can continue to use and build upon as they grow.

Flexibility/Mobility Training

Children who participate in flexibility and mobility training by professional instructors like those at the Re-Creation Arena decrease their chances of sports-related injuries. Our training combines mobility exercises that are designed to increase the range of movements your body can perform with flexibility exercises that help with balance, pliability, and strength.

Circuit Training

Our circuit training courses are designed to improve cardiovascular fitness while strengthening muscles through sets and reps. We always make sure that while we’re teaching and training your children that our sessions are specifically designed for their size, age, and fitness level.

Interval Training

At the Re-Creation Arena, we also over interval training classes. These courses help to maximize cardiovascular benefits and, of course, are designed to be safe and effective for children. They are an integral part of helping kids grow and develop into successful, professional-level athletes.

Basic Fitness/CrossFit Training

Fitness is essential to any athlete, especially children who are constantly growing and developing. Our basic fitness/CrossFit training courses are designed to help improve physical strength, aerobic fitness, agility, balance, flexibility, and more.


At the Re-Creation Center, you’ll also find fun Zumba classes that combine Latin music with dance to build endurance, strength, coordination, and more. These classes are a great way for your child to feel good and have fun while they move and get exercise.


There’s a reason why aerobics have been around for as long as we remember. These exercises are great for improving heart and lung health, building stronger bones and muscles, and even lowering the chances of developing depression. When you sign your child up for an aerobics class at the Re-Creation Arena, you can rest assured that our classes are developed to be safe and effective for children.

Elite Basketball Training

Our Elite Basketball Training courses are geared to those who are looking to take their game to the next level. With a focus on shooting, offensive skills, defensive skills, dribbling and handling, post play, footwork ,conditioning, and rebounding, you’re sure to see a remarkable improvement in your kid’s game.

Our Training Equipment

At the Re-Creation Arena, we have all of the equipment and tools needed to help your child improve their athletic performance. For baseball players, we have a pitching machine, and for basketball players, we have a rebound machine, shooting machine, agility ladder, and a weighted basketball trainer. Visit our Columbia sports facility today to learn more about our equipment and facilities.

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