Changeable Supportive Title

  • P.A.C.E.S.
    1. Power
    2. Agility
    3. Character
    4. Endurance
    5. Speed


What is paces?

PACES development is one of the ultimate goals for Re-Creation’s Parents, Coaches, and Trainers, in helping young athletes maximize their potential.


paces combine

  1. Our uniquely designed PACES Combines are created to assess young athletes’ skill levels in a friendly, professionally organized environment.
  2. All athletes will receive a PACES Performance Score based on our Re-Creation combines’ standards.
  3. The score provides each athlete a local, regional and national placement ranking among all Re-Creation athletes. 



  1. The athletes’ PACES ranking will help parents and school quickly and more efficiently chart and track stellar, developing athletes with organized analytics.
  2. Focusing on the athlete’s total development at an early age is the key ingredient for the maximum success of the futuristic athlete. 


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