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Our Mission

Our mission at Re-Creation Athletics is to facilitate the growth and development of amateur athletes from all age groups and backgrounds into successful, high-level professional competitors. Our programs are based on our PACES standards, which focus on improving their Power, Agility, Character, Endurance, and Speed. We achieve this through our safe, age-appropriate, affordable, and professional training and recreation facilities with programs that afford our youth the advantages that are ordinarily only available to elite athletes.

About Our Team

Word of God Church and Ministries International (WOGCMI) – located in Columbia, SC – has a large congregation with youth that come from urban communities throughout the city, yet the Church found itself incapable when it came to recreational sports-oriented activities because it did not own its own sports facility. Church leaders sent their youth to other churches and county recreation centers because these were the only facilities available to inner-city youth. A solution was needed, and Re-Creation was formed!

At Re-Creation, we feel strongly about athletics and its potential to contribute to a better society by teaching young people the importance of discipline, hard work, determination, and never giving up. We are committed to ensuring our clients understand the importance of sports in their everyday lives and fueling their excitement towards achieving their dreams. Backed by WOGCMI, we are proud to operate sports camps, events, and more at our three Re-Creation facilities in South Carolina.


To be a premier sports training and recreational facilities provider focused on re creating recreation through advanced, state of the-art facilities and dynamic professional training programs that positively impact amateur athletes’ minds, bodies, and souls, encouraging them to exploit their potential and transform them into champions.

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