Our mission at ReCreation Athletics is to facilitate the growth and development of amateur athletes from all age groups and backgrounds into successful, high-level professional competitors based on our PACES standards, which focus on improving their Power, Agility, Character, Endurance, and Speed. We achieve this through our safe, age-appropriate, affordable, and professional training and recreation facilities and programs that afford them the advantages that are ordinarily only available to elite athletes.


To be a premier sports training and recreational facilities provider focused on re-creating recreation through advanced, state-of-the-art facilities and dynamic professional training programs that positively impact amateur athletes’ minds, bodies, and souls, encouraging them to exploit their potential and transform them into champions.

We have multiple facilities across Columbia,SC

  • The ReCreation Arena at the WOG Dutch Square Campussits on I-20 and is less than a minute from I-26.
  • The ReCreation Sports Plex – the former Sonnie’s facility – is less than a minute from both I-77 and I-20.
  • The ReCreation Outlets on the WOG Garners Ferry Campus is less than a minute from I-77.


Professionalism – We strive to set and maintain the highest standards of expertise and ethicality in our training programs and also instill these standards into our trainees to ensure they are adequately prepared to play and win at a higher level.

Safety – We work hard to ensure our recreational and training programs and facilities adhere to the sport’s industry’s safety standards to protect, maintain and improve our trainees’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being, which is essential for their transformation into champions.


Discipline – We are firm believers in control over ourselves as a precursor to success. Hence, we are committed to instilling and promoting self-control and constant self-improvement mentality among our trainees to ensure they have a bright future in sports.

Excellence – We only play to win; thus, we are determined to offer the best training, facilities, and services such as skyboxes and video equipment to help coaches and guardians constantly monitor the trainees and guide them on how to improve on the areas that may be hindering them from being the best at what they do.

Passion – At Re-Creation, we feel very strongly about athletics and its potential to contribute to a better society by teaching young people the importance of discipline, hard work, determination, and never giving up. We are committed to ensuring our clients understand the importance of sports in their everyday lives and fueling their excitement towards achieving their dreams.

Quality – We are committed to ensuring that our programs and facilities are the best in their category so that our clients can have an enjoyable, affordable, safe, educative, and satisfactory experience.

Community Relations

“ReCreation Athletics is committed to serving the needs of the community through superior
facilities and developmental programs for Youth, Parents, Coaches and Players.

Safety is priority. Metal detectors are placed at every entrance of all ReCreation facilities. In
addition, we have partnered with the Richland County Police Department to co-locate the Gang
Task Force on the campus of the ReCreation Arena to ensure that you and your family will have
a safe and fun experience!

In case of an emergency, all ReCreation facilities can be utilized as disaster relief locations as
well! We have two facilities in Columbia, SC– Northeast and Northwest, and a third location
coming soon in the Southeast area.”

The ReCreation Athletics